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On Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: An Interview with UN Women’s Lakshmi Puri” (May 2013)

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Ten Things You Can Do to Help Progressive Journalism” (April 2010)
How to support quality reporting in a digital age.

What Was I Fighting For?” (May 2009)
A veteran’s firsthand account of the ineffectiveness of U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan.

“Ten Things You Can Do to Oppose the War in Afghanistan” (April 2009)
Get involved in the peace movement. Demand oversight hearings. Read up on the war–and more.

“The Relentless Activism of Tom Morello” (September 2008)
The Rage Against the Machine guitarist recounts his raucous RNC protest and explains his inspiration for melding politics and popular music.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Unhoused in Rittenhouse” (October 2007)
Homeless, an ex-con — and working for free, John Adams lives and labors in Rittenhouse Square.

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“A Real Popularity Contest” (November 2007)
As we gear up for a major national election, there’s a renewed momentum in the states to circumvent the Electoral College by switching to a popular vote.

“A Graphic Portrayal of Katrina” (August 2007)
In a powerful, multi-part Web comic, illustrator Josh Neufeld tells the story of the storm and its aftermath.

“Life After the GOP Congress” (June 2007)
Santorum, Allen, Weldon, Burns, Pombo — Where are they now? Checking up on the ’06 Republican losers.

“The GOP’s Lonely Anti-War Candidate” (June 2007)
Meet Congressman Ron Paul — staunch libertarian, outspoken critic of American imperial hubris, and Republican presidential contender.

On the March” (January 2007)
Notes from Saturday’s demonstration.

“Johnny Come Lately” (December 2006)
Could the formerly hawkish John Edwards be the anti-war candidate to beat in ’08?

“Double Negative” (September 2006)
Rick Santorum dropped millions of dollars on an ad campaign that may have helped his opponent.

“Vet Offensive” (September 2006)
Pennsylvania congressional candidates Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak are two “Fighting Dems” who aren’t relying on biography alone.


The Family’s Values: America’s Most Influential (and Secretive) Religious Organization” (June 2008)
Jeff Sharlet’s The Family will leave you stunned by the religious motivations behind seemingly every political decision in the last 70 years.

A Quick Guide to the Pennsylvania Primary” (April 2008)
A guide to the polls, voting history and the likely allocation of Pennsylvania’s 158 delegates between Hillary and Obama.

Oregon Showdown: Two Dems Battle Hard to Take on Weak GOP Incumbent” (January 2008)
In left-leaning Oregon, a GOP-held Senate seat is suddenly up for grabs, and two tough Dems are fighting for the nomination to get it.

HP’s Printer Cartridges Are an E-Waste Disaster — Does the Company Really Care?” (October 2007)
There are ways to clean up our massive e-waste mess. The industry giant Hewlett-Packard needs to do much more.

Iraq Dominates Senate Races in Connecticut and Rhode Island” (October 2006)
This election offers the chance for the Democrats to dump the pro-war senators Joe Lieberman and Lincoln Chafee. How their opponents talk about Iraq could determine who wins.

“Not Your Grandfather’s History Book” (August 2006)
A new anthology of fiction lampoons our country’s most iconic moments, and reveals the truth about our current political climate.

“Kids Kill In Violent Christian Videogame” (July 2006)
Evangelical videogame makers are hoping to capture a mainstream audience with a new game that leaves corpses piled on the streets of New York.

Futuristic Web Comic Echoes Reality” (June 2006)
In a web comic set in the near-future, a blogger becomes embroiled in the global war on terror. Is it political satire, prophecy or just great entertainment?

Flight of the Child Soldiers” (May 2006)
Don Cheadle stars in a new documentary chronicling the lives of kids forced to fight — and sometimes kill their own families — in a fundamentalist militia in Uganda.

One City Under God” (April 2006)
A new kind of company town envisioned by the devoutly Catholic founder of Domino’s Pizza aims to reinvent Christian living.

No Last Rites for ‘Death With Dignity’” (February 2006)
The Supreme Court granted terminally ill patients the right to die without federal intervention. Now the cause is spreading across the country.

PayPal-ing International Development” (December 2005)
Can you spare $25 bucks? Thanks to a new nonprofit, a few clicks of the mouse lets you loan it to a small business halfway across the world.

Making Money Greener” (December 2005)
Socially responsible investing is transforming the investment world — allowing progressives to put their dollars where their values are.

Gorgeous George Takes on the World” (September 2005)
Fiery British MP George Galloway speaks out about mobilizing opposition to the war, his new book, and the U.S. role in global politics.

Teaching In America: The Impossible Dream” (September 2005)
Many public school teachers today must work two jobs to survive, and can’t afford to buy homes or raise families. A new book asks why we treat our teachers so poorly.

Let’s Talk About Texts” (August 2005)
The cost of college textbooks has long been spiraling out of control. Now, student groups and legislators are working bring them back down to earth.

E-Waste and iWoes” (August 2005)
Computers and their accessories contain toxins such as mercury and lead, causing massive environmental damage worldwide. But not all of the major computer companies are serious about reducing waste.

More Than Just a Food Fight” (August 2005)
Fifteen states have passed laws preventing bans on biotech foods. Sounds harmless enough — but green activist groups are protesting the proposed legislation as an affront to local democracy.

The New Ford Focus” (July 2005)
Two major environmental campaigns — one using the carrot, the other the stick — are getting big results with Ford Motor Co. and Home Depot.

‘Vlog’ Wild” (July 2005)
Next stop on the Internet: the video blog, or ‘vlog’.

Facing Forward” (May 2005)
The first theatrically released film to feature an Asian-American lesbian couple is an enormous triumph, both for the Asian community and for Hollywood.

Your Handy Home Censorship Kit” (May 2005)
A new device allows consumers to cleanse their DVDs of sex, profanity and violence. Directors and copyright holders call foul — and the battle between moralists and filmmakers is on.

Traumatic Emigrations” (March 2005)
Immigrant children who enter the U.S. without parents or guardians are repeatedly denied access to legal counsel and often dumped into detention facilities with criminals.

An Uphill Struggle and Downhill Battle” (March 2005)
All it takes for a copyright firestorm is one man and his doctored iPod.

Building Blogs” (February 2005)
Online journals are under fire in Iran, but bloggers there and around the world refuse to let their voices be silenced.

Voters, Fighters, Citizens, Youth” (November 2004)
They showed up, they marked their ballots, so now what? Where does the youth organizing movement go now?

Barend and Barbaro Aim for Washington” (October 2004)
New York is safe for Kerry, but two progressive candidates are running uphill races to upset Republican incumbents for seats in Congress.

The Battle of the Band” (October 2004)
For Stone Gossard and the other members of Pearl Jam, being politically active is just part of being a rock star.